Learn the details to the straight ankle locks and other IBJJF friendly leg locks from the same source as Rodrigo Cavaca, Roberto Cyborg Abreu, Denilson Pimenta and other great Champions

Are you interested in learning leg locks but scared of getting DQed for doing them?

  • Learn the same Leg Lock details that I have personally shared with several World Champions including Rodrigo Cavaca, Marcus Almeida Buchecha & Rodolfo Viera.
  • Learn and better understand how to apply these locks in a LEGAL way
  • Use Ankle locks to set up other parts of your game and learn the finishing details.
  • Finish from 50/50!
  • Learn leg lock avoidance, counters and escapes
Roli demonstrating a leglock
Here's the index of the app:
    • Intro
    • Grip
    • Power Sources
    • 2 Drills for the Grip
    • Straight Ankle Sequence
    • Re Adjusting Ankle Lock
    • Belly Down Ankle Lock
    • Cross leg attack
    • Crunch Technique
    • 50/50 Attacks
    • Escaping 50/50 to the top
    • 1 Leg X-Guard
    • Recover Failed Straight
    • Back to the top
    • Pass the leg
    • Strategy in Passing
    • Straight Ankle Counter
    • Toe Hold Counter
    • Estima Lock
    • Escape 1
    • Escape 2
    • Escape 3
    • Hip Lock
    • Knee Bar Escape
    • Knee Bar Fundamentals
    • Calf Slicer Detail
    • Giving Credit
    • Roli Delgado

Here's some examples of videos you'll get emailed when you sign up:

  • Here's a video of one our purple belts here at Westside MMA. In many ways the straight is a safer attack because they don't slip or roll out as much as heel hooks. Zac is a killer with foot locks but often does the IBJJF version because he's developed so much strength with the grip. The grip will be broken down 100% on the APP. If you don't want to watch the whole fight skip to 6:10 seconds in the vid and see his 1 legged x-guard entry. Not 100% like I teach as far as the sweep is concerned but the finish is SHARP!

Check out what some of these champions and world class competitors have to say:

  • Cavaca's hand raised in victory.Rodrigo Cavaca - Checkmat

    Roli Delgado my good friend, I would like to thank you for teaching me many footlocks details, that have helped me when I winning the world championship in 2010, I am very grateful to you, Roli Delgado and his team Westside MMA. A big hug from a friend Rodrigo Cavaca

  • Denilson PimentaDenilson Pimenta - GFTeam

    Roli showed me a lot of Leg Lock details and techniques when he was in Brazil. I've already used the locks very successfully to get the finish in fights here in Brazil! He is the Master of leg locks.

  • Roberto 'Cyborg' AbreuRoberto "Cyborg" Abreu

    Roli taught an amazing seminar at my academy. He is a MASTER of the foot locks. Now in my academy we do them much more often with great success.

  • Tony Tipton on the podiumTony Tipton - Genesis BJJ

    If you are interested in learning new, well thought out, and effective leg attacks you must check out the techniques shown on Roli’s new DVD. Roli is a super technical instructor with a passion for teaching and his students. Thanks for helping me round out my leg attack game Roli!!

  • Marcel Goncalves with some hardwareMarcel Goncalves - The Avengers

    I had the opportunity of work with Roli and he really change my game. Roli has a lot of knowledge on martial arts and he's a specialist on foot locks.

    Thanks Roli for all what you have share with me.

  • Albert Hughs wins a medalAlbert Hughs - Genesis BJJ

    We've had Roli in to teach Leg Locks at Genesis and we really enjoyed the details. Def a game changer on where to put your feet!

  • Jake McKenzie atop the podiumJake McKenzie - Fight Sports

    Roli Delgado is one of most knowledgable foot lock practitioner I have had the experience to train with.

  • Italo Lins with some WestsidersItalo Lins - GFTeam

    I am a black belt Italo lins from GFTeam , I stayed for two weeks in Arkansas for Teaching and train with Team Westside MMA, and in only 2 weeks I could see how cool, fun, and this team is interested. In addition to teaching, I learned a lot, I'm using a lot of foot locks and knee, I learned from Professor Roli Delgado is a master in them... As I said earlier enjoyed being in Arkansas with the westside, I hope to return soon.Thanks to all of the westside especially for Hillary, Roli and Matt... ossssssssss

  • Marcio Oliveira receiving his black belt.Marcio Oliveira - Fightsports

    I love these guys, I trained at Westside MMA. Teaching the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu classes and also learning leg locks. Now I have some wins with leg locks!

  • UFC vet Din Thomas in actionDin Thomas - American Top Team

    Best straight ankle lock, period.

  • Cole Miller posing with Marcelo GarciaCole Miller - American Top Team

    I used to only worry about defending footlocks, attack them for a sweep, or use as a diversion in the 50/50 guard. Now, with details from Roli, I am very confident in attacking the footlock to finish my opponent with the submission.

  • Joel Gingery winning NAGAJoel Gingery - Marcelo Garcia BB and Pan Am Champion

    Roli is very knowledgable and knows how to convey the leg lock game very well.